Feature #7082

Process.kill 0 in windows can return spurious success

Added by Roger Pack about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

Assignee:Usaku NAKAMURA


a = IO.popen('ls "."', 'w')
=> #
=> 2104
Process.kill 0, 2104
=> 1 # should raise an exception since that process is dead now, shouldn't it? [it can be checked with GetExitCodeProcess != STILL_ACTIVE) ?



#1 Updated by Roger Pack about 3 years ago

I see that the current way in windows somewhat mimic's how it operates in Unix (process is a zombie, so still responds to signals). If so, perhaps it would be nice to create a new method


that would be useful in certain cases, like checking if a process is dead before closing streams to it.

So maybe change this to a feature request, if anybody can confirm the above.


#2 Updated by Usaku NAKAMURA about 3 years ago

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