Bug #7867

enable-multiach installs pkgconfig file into wrong dir

Added by Hans Mackowiak about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Assignee:Nobuyoshi Nakada
ruby -v:ruby 2.0.0dev (2013-02-13 trunk 39224) [x86_64-linux] Backport:


currently the pc file is installed under:
but with multiarch it should be (for sample) installed under:

0002-Install-libraries-and-pkg-config-data-into-multiarch.patch Magnifier (1.4 KB) Antonio Terceiro, 02/19/2013 03:33 AM


#1 Updated by Koichi Sasada about 2 years ago

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I'm not sure it is critical or not for 2.0.0 release.
So I labeled it as "next minor".

Please change this label if it is very important.

#2 Updated by Antonio Terceiro about 2 years ago

Hi, it would be nice if you could get this fixed soon so that we get full multiarch support when 2.0.0 is released. I have attached a patch that fixes this to bug #7874


#3 Updated by Antonio Terceiro about 2 years ago

the attached patch fixes the installation path for pkgconfig data with multiarch enabled, as well as the path for installation of libraries

#4 Updated by Antonio Terceiro about 2 years ago

Hi, this issue got fixed as part of #7874 and can be closed.

#5 Updated by Vit Ondruch about 2 years ago

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