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Remove Time#succ

Added by pixeltrix (Andrew White) about 4 years ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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The method Time#succ was marked as obsolete in Ruby 1.9.3 and whilst it remains Rails has to patch Range#each and Range#step to prevent logs from being filled with the deprecation messages (see It's been over 8 years now which seems like a more than adequate period to wait before removal.


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Updated by shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) about 4 years ago


If this is true, perhaps ruby core forgot about it.

I had a look at the current docu for Time:

The documentation reads:

"Returns a new Time object, one second later than time. #succ is obsolete
since 1.9.2 for time is not a discrete value."

So I am inclined to agree with Andrew - either it is indeed obsolete, in
which case it may be time to remove it; and if it is not obsolete, then
the documentation should change, IMO.

(On a side note, perhaps there could be a simple way to ask Ruby which
methods may be deprecated or so... Kernel#deprecated_methods? or something,
but anyway, I should file an own issue request for that; I just don't
know if other people may find that useful. Sorry for side-tracking from
the main issue thread here for a moment!)

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It's matz issue.

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Time#succ was removed in Ruby 3.0.


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