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C1 Coverage

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The built-in coverage in Ruby 1.9 is great, but it only offers line-by-line coverage.

It would be better if we could determine which parts of each line have been run e.g:

# File 'coverage_example.rb'
true ? 'always run' : 'never run'

Coverage would return:
{'coverage_example.rb' =>
0..28 => 1
0..21 => 1,
22..33 => 0



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Hello, sorry for very late response...

I agree that C1 coverage is very helpful. But I have no plan to
implement the feature. It will be a tough task.

Your contribution is wanted. If anyone writes a patch, please
send us.

Yusuke Endoh

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Contribution are welcomed...

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nahi (Hiroshi Nakamura) wrote:

Contribution are welcomed...

I am planning to contribute to ruby project (starting with this issue), any pointers (where to start wiki/guide) will be much appreciated.

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Branch coverage has been already implemented at #13901 and released in Ruby 2.5.0.
Closing this ticket. Sorry for leaving it untouched.

Of course, your contribution is welcome. You may want to read:

I'm unsure if these docs are good enough, though.

Also available in: Atom PDF