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[PATCH] introduce String#fstring method

Added by normalperson (Eric Wong) over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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introduce String#fstring method

This exposes the rb_fstring internal function to return a
deduped and frozen string. This is useful for writing all sorts
of record processing key values maybe stored, but certain keys
and values are often duplicated at a high frequency,
so memory savings can noticeable.

Use cases are many:

  • email/NNTP header processing

    There are some standard header keys everybody uses
    as well as common ones specific to a certain lists:
    (ruby-core has X-Redmine-* headers)
    It is also useful to dedupe values, as most inboxes have
    multiple messages from the same sender, or MUA.

  • package management systems -
    things like RubyGems stores identical strings for licenses,
    dependency names, author names/emails, etc

  • HTTP headers/trailers -
    standard headers (Host/Accept/Accept-Encoding/User-Agent/...)
    are common, but there are also uncommon ones.
    Values may be deduped, as well, as it is likely a user
    agent will make multiple/parallel requests to the same

  • version control systems -
    this can be useful for deduplicating names of frequent
    committers (like "nobu" :)

    In linux.git and git.git, there are also common
    trailers such as Signed-Off-By/Acked-by/Reviewed-by/Fixes/...
    as well as less common ones.

  • audio metadata -

    There are commonly used tags (Artist/Album/Title/Tracknumber),
    but Vorbis comments allows arbitrary key values to be stored.
    Music collections contain songs by the same artist or mutiple
    songs from the same album, so deduplicating values will be
    helpful there, too.

  • JSON, YAML, XML, HTML processing

    certain fields, tags and attributes are commonly used
    across the same and multiple documents


0001-introduce-String-fstring-method.patch (3.47 KB) 0001-introduce-String-fstring-method.patch normalperson (Eric Wong), 12/27/2016 01:50 AM

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