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Rightward operators

Added by Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme) 9 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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While reading #15921 (r-assign) and #16670 (reverse pattern matching order) I felt a certain commonality to these and #15799 (pipeline) and I thought maybe there's currently a narrow window of opportunity to adopt an overarching and harmonious syntax for all of these "rightward" operations, rather than ad-hoc syntax for each.

I am not suggesting that all of the operators below should be adopted, or implemented at once, or exactly as-is; rather the idea is that the proposals linked above surrounding righward-ness could share elements in order to make them easy to distinguish from previous/existing syntax.

So here go the (wild) ideas:

rightward assignment: expr =|> var is equivalent to var = expr, also allow rescue =|> err for consistency.

rightward destructuring assignment / pattern match: expr ~|> pattern is equivalent to expr in pattern, just more natural when doing assignment without a pattern match (i.e. no possibiilty of NoMatchingPatternError). And maybe could be allowed as expression/condition?

pipe to first argument of right-side method: expr |> foo(1) is equivalent to foo(expr,1)

pipe to last argument of right-side method: expr |>> foo(1) is equivalent to foo(1,expr)

pipe hash to keyword arguments of right-side method: expr **|> foo(1) is equivalent to foo(1,**expr), ok, I know, crazy idea :-)

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