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Execshield test: FAIL: property-note test because no section found

Added by jaruga (Jun Aruga) 10 months ago. Updated about 6 hours ago.

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I found an issue in our company's internal test called "execshield" by a security tool annobin - annocheck command [1][2].

Hardened: FAIL: property-note test because no section found

Here is the reproducer on the upstream latest master, commit is 5f2987d6c2ae9ace3178ac3e1bbb4ac7079101eb,

$ autoconf
$ ./configure --enable-shared
$ make

$ ls*

If you are using Red Hat based Linux distro, it's easy to install by the RPM package like this.

$ sudo dnf -y install annobin-annocheck
$ sudo yum -y install annobin-annocheck


$ annocheck

If you are using other Linux distros such as Ubuntu, you can use it by a container I prepared.

Prepare the following Dockerfile.

$ cat Dockerfile 

RUN cat /etc/fedora-release
RUN dnf -y install annobin-annocheck

Then build the container image with the Dockerfile and run the annocheck command for the on your host environment. The -v is an option for bind mount between host and container environment.

$ docker build --rm -t fedora-annocheck .

$ docker run --rm -t -v $(pwd):/work fedora-annocheck annocheck /work/
annocheck: Version 9.79.
Hardened: FAIL: bind-now test because not linked with -Wl,-z,now 
Hardened: FAIL: notes test because gaps were detected in the annobin coverage 
Hardened: FAIL: cf-protection test because no section = no control flow information 
Hardened: FAIL: property-note test because no section found 
Hardened: Rerun annocheck with --verbose to see more information on the tests.

The message Hardened: FAIL: property-note test because no section found is what I found in our internal test. For other FAIL messages, maybe it can be fixed by changing how to build.

Asking a colleague, I was told that the coroutine/*/Context.S files such as coroutine/x86/Context.S cause the failure. Do you have any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

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