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The next dev meeting

Date: 2020/04/10 13:00-17:00

  • Dev meeting IS NOT a decision-making place. All decisions should be done at the bug tracker.
  • Dev meeting is a place we can ask Matz, nobu, nurse and other developers directly.
  • Matz is a very busy person. Take this opportunity to ask him. If you can not attend, other attendees can ask instead of you (if attendees can understand your issue).
  • We will write a log about the discussion to a file or to each ticket in English.
  • All activities are best-effort (keep in mind that most of us are volunteer developers).
  • The date, time and place are scheduled according to when/where we can reserve Matz's time.
  • DO NOT discuss then on this ticket, please.

Call for agenda items

If you have a ticket that you want matz and committers to discuss, please post it into this ticket in the following format:

* [Ticket ref] Ticket title (your name)
  * Comment (A summary of the ticket, why you put this ticket here, what point should be discussed, etc.)


* [Feature #14609] `Kernel#p` without args shows the receiver (ko1)
  * I feel this feature is very useful and some people say :+1: so let discuss this feature.
  • Comment deadline: 2020/04/03 (one week before the meeting)
  • The format is strict. We'll use this script to automatically create an markdown-style agenda. We may ignore a comment that does not follow the format.
  • Your comment is mandatory. We cannot read all discussion of the ticket in a limited time.

Related issues

Related to Ruby master - Misc #14770: [META] DevelopersMeetingOpenActions

Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) 8 months ago

  • Related to Misc #14770: [META] DevelopersMeeting added

Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) 8 months ago

  • Description updated (diff)

Updated by greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak) 8 months ago

  • [Feature #16428] Add Array#uniq?, Enumerable#uniq? (greggzst)
    • it seems to be an easier solution to check directly if an enumerable is uniq instead of using uniq with other means
  • [Feature #15166] 2.5 times faster implementation than current gcd implmentation (greggzst)
    • (mame: dummy comment. Please follow the format strictly)
  • [Feature #13436] Improve performance of Array#<=> with Fixnum/Float/String elements (greggzst)
    • performance in general

Updated by alanwu (Alan Wu) 7 months ago

  • [Feature #15921] R-assign (rightward-assignment) operator
    • Curious to hear from matz about this. I think this feature is convenient in the REPL and can improve readability in real code if used well.

Updated by palkan (Vladimir Dementyev) 7 months ago

  • [Bug #16660] Struct#deconstruct_keys inconsistent behavior (palkan)
  • [GitHub#2948] Optimize array pattern checktype (palkan)
    • Curios to know whether there is some ongoing work on pattern matching improvement and is Ruby Core interested in any help in improving its performance.

Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) 7 months ago

  • [Bug #14541] Class variables have broken semantics, let's fix them (jeremyevans0)
    • Is it OK to commit pull request to turn class variable warnings into RuntimeErrors?

Updated by Eregon (Benoit Daloze) 7 months ago

  • [Feature #16742] and RbConfig.host_os (eregon)
    • Thoughts? Should we add them?

Updated by Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme) 7 months ago

  • [Feature #16688] Allow #to_path object as argument to system() (Dan0042)
    • system/exec should be compatible with Pathname objects

Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) 7 months ago

  • [Feature #16740] Deprecating and removing the broken Process.clock_getres (jeremyevans0)
    • Is it OK to deprecate Process.clock_getres in 3.0 and remove it in 3.1?

Updated by greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak) 7 months ago

  • [Bug #6087] How should inherited methods deal with return values of their own subclass? (greggzst)
    • It's been a long time and matz said it was to be fixed inn 3.0

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 7 months ago

  • [Bug #14413] -n and -p flags break when stdout is closed
    • only in the loop / always signal on EPIPE
    • STDOUT only / + STDERR / generic for IO

Updated by sawa (Tsuyoshi Sawada) 7 months ago

  • [Feature #16684] Use the word "to" instead of "from" in backtrace (sawa)
    • Be free of wondering about the printed backtrace direction by using the word "to" in most-recent--call-last situation.

Updated by k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun) 7 months ago

  • [Feature #16769], immutable: true) (k0kubun)
    • I wanted it today, and found the discussion of [Feature #16122] stuck with designing helpers to set a combination of attributes. Is there any objection to introduce immutable: true attribute alone first?

Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) 7 months ago

  • Status changed from Open to Closed

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