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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
19900 Ruby master Feature Open Rename YARP to Prism 09/26/2023 07:45 PM Actions
19899 Ruby master Misc Open Ruby3.3.0-preview2: Behaviour changes of Socket.recv when the sever closes the connection 09/22/2023 03:36 PM Actions
19898 Ruby master Feature Open Special syntax for instance variable assignment 09/22/2023 03:07 PM Actions
19891 Ruby master Bug Open rb_mRubyVMFrozenCore is reported by DTrace but ignored by TracePoint 09/19/2023 07:17 AM Actions
19890 Ruby master Bug Open File#realine(chomp: true) slower/more allocations than readline.chomp! 09/22/2023 04:30 PM Actions
19886 Ruby master Bug Assigned "default->bundled gem" warning is not shown under "bundle exec" hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 09/19/2023 05:58 AM Actions
19885 Ruby master Bug Assigned Invalid Warning for Default Gems That Will Move to Bundled Gems hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 09/24/2023 02:44 AM Actions
19884 Ruby master Feature Open Make Safe Navigation Operator work on classes 09/15/2023 09:57 AM Actions
19883 Ruby master Misc Open DevMeeting-2023-10-12 09/16/2023 06:54 AM Actions
19875 Ruby master Bug Open Ruby 3.0 -> 3.1 Performance regression in String#count 09/27/2023 01:07 PM Actions
19869 Ruby master Bug Open Mark skipped test somehow 09/08/2023 03:37 PM Actions
19866 Ruby master Bug Open Future of `readline.rb` 09/06/2023 06:31 PM Actions
19865 Ruby master Bug Open Segfault when calling user signal handlers during VM shutdown 09/06/2023 02:19 PM Actions
19857 Ruby master Bug Open Eval coverage is reset after each `eval`. ioquatix (Samuel Williams) 09/06/2023 10:56 PM Actions
19849 Ruby master Feature Open Requiring file with autoload results in confusing error if file doesn't exist 09/14/2023 02:17 PM Actions
19842 Ruby master Feature Open Introduce M:N threads ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 09/15/2023 06:38 PM Actions
19841 Ruby master Bug Open Marshal.dump stack overflow with recursive Time 08/20/2023 04:17 PM Actions
19840 Ruby master Feature Open [Proposal] Expand Find pattern to Multiple Find ktsj (Kazuki Tsujimoto) 09/12/2023 07:35 AM Actions
19838 Ruby master Bug Open Ripper nested heredocs 08/12/2023 01:25 AM Actions
19830 Ruby master Feature Open Allow `Array#transpose` to take an optional size argument 08/04/2023 02:29 PM Actions
19828 Ruby master Bug Open Segfault when `OpenSSL::X509::Certificate#public_key=` is given a `OpenSSL::PKey::DH` object rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi) 09/12/2023 07:58 AM Actions
19794 Ruby master Bug Assigned Ruby 3.2.2 fails to build on macOS Sonoma betas nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 09/21/2023 05:44 AM Actions
19787 Ruby master Feature Open Add Enumerable#uniq_map, Enumerable::Lazy#uniq_map, Array#uniq_map and Array#uniq_map! 07/31/2023 02:50 PM Actions
19780 Ruby master Feature Open Remove tailcall_optimization support 07/27/2023 11:48 PM Actions
19779 Ruby master Bug Open `eval "return"` at top level raises `LocalJumpError` 08/24/2023 08:40 AM Actions
19767 Ruby master Misc Open [Not really a bug, but more a not ideal notification] "historical binary regexp match" when using the "n" modifier in a ruby regex 07/14/2023 02:48 PM Actions
19765 Ruby master Bug Open Ractor.make_shareable ignores self of a proc created from a Method ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 09/12/2023 08:09 AM Actions
19764 Ruby master Feature Open Introduce defp keyword for defining overloadable, pattern matched methods 07/18/2023 05:48 AM Actions
19761 Ruby master Bug Open AddressSanitizer fails with Thread and Process 08/20/2023 03:37 AM Actions
19758 Ruby master Misc Open Statically link ext/json nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 09/12/2023 08:11 AM Actions
19756 Ruby master Bug Open does not accept a host of `_gateway`, but `URI.parse` will. 07/05/2023 08:38 PM Actions
19753 Ruby master Bug Assigned IO::Buffer#get_string can't handle negative offset ioquatix (Samuel Williams) 07/04/2023 04:47 AM Actions
19749 Ruby master Bug Open Confirm correct behaviour when attaching private method with `#define_method` 09/26/2023 11:09 PM Actions
19744 Ruby master Feature Open Namespace on read 09/26/2023 05:09 PM Actions
19742 Ruby master Feature Open Introduce `Module#anonymous?` 08/30/2023 02:00 AM Actions
19738 Ruby master Bug Open `ObjectSpace.each_object.to_a` crashes in `make runirb`. 07/25/2023 11:07 PM Actions
19725 Ruby master Feature Open Improve the match cache optimization to support look-ahead and atomic groups 06/12/2023 06:22 AM Actions
19720 Ruby master Feature Open Warning for non-linear Regexps 09/14/2023 04:23 PM Actions
19717 Ruby master Feature Open `ConditionVariable#signal` is not fair when the wakeup is consistently spurious. 07/06/2023 11:04 PM Actions
19716 Ruby master Bug Open SystemStackError occurs too easily on Alpine Linux (due to small stack size reported by pthread_attr_getstacksize on musl libc) 06/07/2023 12:27 AM Actions
19712 Ruby master Feature Open IO#reopen removes singleton class 06/09/2023 09:47 AM Actions
19708 Ruby master Feature Open Support `attr_reader :foo?` 06/22/2023 12:42 AM Actions
19703 Ruby master Bug Open text/binary mode of parent process fd is not properly inherited on windows 05/31/2023 02:34 PM Actions
19701 Ruby master Bug Open The rb_classext_t::classpath field is not marked for T_ICLASS 06/18/2023 06:55 AM Actions
19698 Ruby master Feature Open Need an idiomatic way to define an empty range 07/12/2023 07:40 AM Actions
19697 Ruby master Feature Open Resolv::DNS resolution for international domains fails with "Encoding::CompatibilityError: incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT" 05/30/2023 12:53 PM Actions
19696 Ruby master Bug Open YJIT panicked - branch stubs should never enlarge branches yjit 06/02/2023 03:58 PM Actions
19694 Ruby master Feature Open Add Regexp#timeout= setter 06/09/2023 01:20 PM Actions
19692 Ruby master Misc Open Net::HTTP Performance Workstream 05/24/2023 08:21 PM Actions
19691 Ruby master Misc Open File.realpath on Windows does not return actual case of the file 05/29/2023 02:56 AM Actions
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