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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
12518Ruby trunkBugOpenYou may have encountered a bug in the Ruby interpreter or extension libraries.06/25/2016 06:09 PM
12517Ruby trunkBugFeedbackdef_delegators broken on ruby-head?06/25/2016 11:45 PM
12516Ruby trunkBugFeedbackrails server abortsTish Snyder06/24/2016 06:32 AM
12515Ruby trunkFeatureOpenCreate "Boolean" superclass of TrueClass / FalseClass06/24/2016 03:12 PM
12513Ruby trunkFeatureOpenUpdate Unicode data to Unicode Version 9.0Martin Dürst06/22/2016 07:25 AM
12512Ruby trunkFeatureOpenImport Hash#transform_values and its destructive version from ActiveSupportYukihiro Matsumoto06/22/2016 12:18 AM
12511Ruby trunkBugOpencan't build 2.4.0-preview1 on Centos 506/21/2016 12:35 AM
12509Ruby trunkBugOpenUsing qsort_s in mingw-w64 causes failures06/20/2016 04:06 PM
12508CommonRubyFeatureOpenInteger#mod_pow06/20/2016 01:48 PM
12507Ruby trunkBugOpenrandom SEGV in kernel.system when called with long parametre list06/20/2016 03:14 PM
12506Ruby trunkBugOpenOn cygwin, Feature #5994 does not workNobuyoshi Nakada06/19/2016 08:18 AM
12502Ruby trunkBugOpenruby/test_array.rb test_permutation_stack_error very slow on some platforms06/17/2016 08:30 PM
12500Ruby trunkBugOpenTestProcess#test_aspawn_too_long_path fails on mips with "argument too big"06/17/2016 05:56 PM
12498Ruby trunkBugOpenParsing a mailto URI with no recipient throws the error URI::InvalidComponentError: missing opaque part for mailto URL 06/17/2016 07:27 AM
12497Ruby trunkFeatureOpenGMP version of divmod may be slower06/16/2016 05:04 PM
12495Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackMake "private" return the arguments again, for chaining06/16/2016 09:40 AM
12494Ruby trunkBugOpenwin32/resolv.rb may add outdated nameservers06/15/2016 06:18 PM
12493Ruby trunkBugOpenConfusing did_you_mean error06/21/2016 04:37 AM
12491Ruby trunkBugAssignedTestRefinement#test_prepend_after_refine_wb_miss too slowShugo Maeda06/24/2016 06:14 AM
12490Ruby trunkFeatureOpenRemove warning on shadowing block params06/17/2016 08:21 PM
12489Ruby trunkBugOpenhppa problems on Debian GNU/Linux06/14/2016 10:17 PM
12485Ruby trunkBugOpenKernel.Rational raises TypeError though given denominator returns 1 by to_int06/13/2016 03:43 PM
12484Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedOptimizing RationalTadashi Saito06/13/2016 03:36 PM
12482Ruby should give a better description06/16/2016 04:18 AM
12481Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd Array#view to allow opt-in copy-on-write sharing of Array contents06/11/2016 03:50 AM
12480Ruby trunkBugFeedbackRestarting Coverage does not capture additional coverage for already loaded filesYusuke Endoh06/23/2016 10:36 PM
12476Ruby trunkBugFeedbackCygwin current Ruby 2.2.4p230 fails where prev Ruby 2.2.3p173 does not06/10/2016 05:59 AM
12473Ruby trunkBugOpenTest failure on fedora with TestTimeExtension#test_huge_precisionNobuyoshi Nakada06/09/2016 05:43 AM
12468Ruby trunkBugOpenLogger: Can not rotate (log shifting failed. closed stream)06/07/2016 12:27 PM
12467Ruby trunkBugOpenOpen mode 'a' does not work for Process.spawn on Windows 06/07/2016 10:02 AM
12466Ruby trunkBugOpenEnumerable should yield multiple values when possible06/07/2016 09:23 AM
12465Ruby trunkBugFeedbackI encountered this issue when I ran rspec06/07/2016 07:58 AM
12463Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedruby lacks plus-plusKoichi Sasada06/06/2016 03:31 PM
12461Ruby trunkBugOpenHash & keys to make subset.06/06/2016 03:54 AM
12459Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackAdd type coercion option to ARGV.getopts arguements.06/06/2016 08:37 AM
12455Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd a way for class String to determine whether it has only numbers / digits or not06/02/2016 04:37 PM
12454Ruby trunkBugOpenRegexp: Segfault due to Invalid Read in regcomp.c : add_char_opt_map_info06/02/2016 03:51 PM
12453Ruby trunkBugFeedback2.3.1p112 version running demo of array methods about 3x slower than running it with 2.2.0p0 version06/24/2016 06:45 AM
12452Ruby trunkBugOpenRegexp alternation does not backtrack to check the other alternatives if a match is found on the first one06/03/2016 06:34 PM
12448Ruby trunkBugOpenvm_call_cfunc - cfp consistency error05/31/2016 07:36 PM
12445Ruby trunkBugOpenTesting TestIO#test_open_fifo_does_not_block_other_threads results in deadlock on cygwinNobuyoshi Nakada05/31/2016 11:40 AM
12444Ruby trunkBugOpenSegmentation fault when running TestException#test_machine_stackoverflow on cygwinNobuyoshi Nakada05/31/2016 10:10 AM
12442Ruby trunkBugOpenTestArgf#test_textmode fails on cygwinNobuyoshi Nakada05/31/2016 10:01 AM
12440Ruby trunkBugFeedbackmake test-all is not working on cygwinNobuyoshi Nakada05/31/2016 09:46 AM
12439Ruby trunkMiscOpen[PATCH cleanup] process.c (disable_child_handler_fork_child): simplifyAkira Tanaka05/31/2016 12:58 AM
12437Ruby trunkBugAssignedIs it "legal" to call collect! in class initializer?Akinori MUSHA06/19/2016 06:54 PM
12436Ruby trunkBugOpennewline argument of seems not respected on Windows05/29/2016 11:28 AM
12435Ruby trunkFeatureOpenUsing connect_nonblock to open TCP connections in Net::HTTP#connect06/06/2016 12:42 AM
12433Ruby recipe for target 'yes-test-almost' failed - missing UnicodeData.txtNobuyoshi Nakada05/28/2016 01:41 AM
12430Ruby trunkBugOpenSegfault in irb when improperly using coerce in combination with method_missing05/25/2016 09:23 PM
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