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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
13910 Ruby trunk Bug Open Seg Fault from require_relative 09/19/2017 11:09 PM
13907 Ruby trunk Bug Open Operation not permitted (Errno::EPERM) when adjusting .irbrc_history file permissions 09/15/2017 08:13 PM
13905 Ruby trunk Bug Feedback files in gemspec hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 09/26/2017 09:00 AM
13904 Ruby trunk Feature Open getter for original information of Enumerator knu (Akinori MUSHA) 09/19/2017 03:47 AM
13903 Ruby trunk Bug Open cant compile ruby with /MT on windows 09/18/2017 07:19 AM
13901 Ruby trunk Feature Open Add branch coverage 09/15/2017 06:24 AM
13893 Ruby trunk Feature Open Add Fiber#[] and Fiber#[]= and restore Thread#[] and Thread#[]= to their original behavior 09/25/2017 12:45 PM
13892 Ruby trunk Bug Open Matching the end of a string followed by an empty greedy regex and a word boundary (.*\b) fails in all versions >= 1.9 09/15/2017 01:12 PM
13891 Ruby trunk Bug Open Rake - no files in bin folder - 59839 09/12/2017 03:47 AM
13890 Ruby trunk Feature Open Allow a regexp as an argument to 'count', to count more interesting things than single characters 09/11/2017 09:35 AM
13889 Ruby trunk Bug Open FileUtils.rmdir が Errno::ENOTEMPTY を無視している 09/16/2017 02:31 PM
13887 Ruby trunk Bug Open test/ruby/test_io.rb may get stuck with FIBER_USE_NATIVE=0 on Linux ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 10/17/2017 07:32 PM
13885 Ruby trunk Bug Open Random.urandom と securerandom について 09/14/2017 11:40 AM
13883 Ruby trunk Feature Open Change from gperf 3.0.4 to gperf 3.1 nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 09/10/2017 02:41 PM
13882 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned Exception in `ensure` stops threads from exiting ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 09/15/2017 02:45 AM
13881 Ruby trunk Feature Open Use getcontext/setcontext on OS X 09/08/2017 09:13 AM
13880 Ruby trunk Bug Open `BigDecimal(string)` should raise on invalid values in `string` 09/07/2017 01:36 PM
13876 Ruby trunk Bug Open Tempfile's finalizer can be interrupted by a Timeout exception which can cause the process to hang 09/12/2017 01:27 AM
13873 Ruby trunk Feature Open Optimize Dir.glob with FNM_EXTGLOB 10/19/2017 08:30 AM
13872 Ruby trunk Bug Open Duplicate assignment no longer silences "assigned but unused variable" warning 10/17/2017 09:30 AM
13869 Ruby trunk Feature Open Filter non directories from Dir.glob 10/19/2017 08:56 AM
13867 Ruby trunk Feature Open Copy offloading in IO.copy_stream 09/05/2017 11:08 AM
13864 Ruby trunk Bug Assigned Rinda multicast test failures due to missing default route seki (Masatoshi Seki) 09/07/2017 07:10 AM
13863 Ruby trunk Bug Open RUBYLIB にカレントディレクトリを設定した場合、-E cp932:utf-8 を指定するとスクリプトが全く実行されない 09/05/2017 11:51 AM
13860 Ruby trunk Feature Open A proposal for a new, simpler class-method addition to Time - for the time being calling it but another name is fine; and the ability to omit '%' tokens as arguments to it 09/04/2017 01:45 AM
13851 Ruby trunk Bug Open getting "can't modify string; temporarily locked" on non-frozen instances 09/10/2017 08:59 PM
13848 Ruby trunk Bug Open'200.') raises an exception 09/07/2017 12:26 AM
13847 Ruby trunk Feature Open Gem activated problem for default gems 09/06/2017 05:34 AM
13846 Ruby trunk Bug Open Openbsd possible memory leak when using Thread 09/07/2017 12:19 AM
13841 Ruby trunk Bug Open Segmentation fault in Ruby CFUNC :to_s 10/05/2017 10:29 PM
13840 Ruby trunk Misc Open Collection methods - stability 08/30/2017 06:37 AM
13837 Ruby trunk Bug Open Class attributes get overshadowed by local variables 08/23/2017 04:47 PM
13835 Ruby trunk Bug Open Using 'open-uri' with 'tempfile' causes an exception 08/25/2017 02:03 AM
13834 Ruby trunk Bug Open RubyGems test suite occasionally changes working directory and breaks the rest of test suite 09/21/2017 09:23 AM
13833 Ruby trunk Bug Open String#scanf("%a") incorrectly requires a sign on the (binary) exponent 08/31/2017 07:34 AM
13827 Ruby trunk Bug Open Improve performance of `Base64.urlsafe_encode64` 08/18/2017 10:59 AM
13822 Ruby trunk Feature Feedback Time.dst_changes( 09/01/2017 03:55 AM
13821 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned Allow fibers to be resumed across threads ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 09/25/2017 12:41 PM
13820 Ruby trunk Feature Open Add a nill coalescing operator 08/31/2017 11:17 AM
13818 Ruby trunk Bug Open Licence issue with use of Onigmo rather than Oniguruma library files 08/15/2017 01:54 PM
13811 Ruby trunk Bug Open Ruby 2.4.1 fails to compile inside qemu armhf - signal 11 (Segmentation fault) 08/13/2017 09:45 PM
13810 Ruby trunk Misc Feedback Inconsistency between Date and Time.strftime("%v") 08/14/2017 05:30 PM
13807 Ruby trunk Feature Open A method to filter the receiver against some condition 08/12/2017 10:32 AM
13805 Ruby trunk Feature Open Make refinement scoping to be like that of constants 08/13/2017 10:52 PM
13804 Ruby trunk Misc Open Protected methods cannot be overridden 08/10/2017 09:41 PM
13795 Ruby trunk Bug Open Hash#select return type does not match Hash#find_all 08/12/2017 04:03 PM
13787 Ruby trunk Misc Open The path to Ruby 3.x - would it be useful to have a separate thread here at the tracker, for discussions and issues and ideas related to ruby 3.x? 08/08/2017 08:29 AM
13784 Ruby trunk Feature Open Add Enumerable#filter as an alias of Enumerable#select 08/31/2017 01:02 PM
13783 Ruby trunk Bug Feedback Memory allocation / GC does not free unused memory 08/07/2017 09:14 PM
13781 Ruby trunk Bug Open Should the safe navigation operator invoke `nil?` 08/04/2017 05:21 PM
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