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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
13010Ruby trunkBugFeedbackTried utilizing RBENV & now RVM...from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 - same errors over and over12/06/2016 11:34 AM
13009Ruby trunkFeatureOpenImplement fetch for Thread.current12/06/2016 03:27 PM
13008Ruby trunkBugOpenFile::basename fails if extension contains a colon12/06/2016 01:28 AM
13007Ruby trunkBugOpenWebbrick takes 5s to start when machine name looks like a real domain12/06/2016 01:02 AM
13006Ruby trunkFeatureOpenbacktrace of thread killer12/06/2016 01:11 AM
13005Ruby trunkBugOpenInline rescue is inconsistent when rescuing NoMethodErrorYukihiro Matsumoto12/06/2016 07:28 AM
13003Ruby trunkMiscOpenAbout not Random instance of random: keyword ardument of Array#shuffle! 12/04/2016 02:01 PM
13001Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd `full` option to `ObjectSpace.dump_all`12/04/2016 12:24 AM
13000Ruby trunkBugOpenImplement Set#include? with Hash#include?12/02/2016 04:25 PM
12998Ruby trunkBugAssignedparagraph mode inconsistency between `IO#each_line` and `String#each_line`Yukihiro Matsumoto12/03/2016 12:18 PM
12997Ruby trunkBugOpenOut-of-bounds read in regcomp.c12/02/2016 05:09 AM
12996Ruby trunkFeatureOpenOptimize Range#===12/04/2016 01:49 AM
12995Ruby trunkFeatureOpenConditional expression taking a receiver outside the condition12/01/2016 12:15 PM
12994Ruby trunkBugFeedbackEmbedded ruby vs2015 build crashes12/06/2016 07:48 AM
12992Ruby trunkMiscOpenArgumentError if hostname is missing11/29/2016 02:27 PM
12989Ruby trunkBugOpenPassing `binmode: true` to `IO.pipe` makes `binmode?` return `true` but encoding is not binary11/29/2016 04:02 AM
12987Ruby trunkBugOpenWin32 API.rb can not call function without argument.11/28/2016 12:47 PM
12986Ruby trunkBugOpenHTTP/request basic_auth context should be switched11/28/2016 04:04 AM
12985Ruby trunkBugOpenHTTP should handle cookies11/28/2016 03:58 AM
12984Ruby trunkBugOpen`rescue *[]` should be equivalent to `rescue` as `method_call(*[])` is equivalent to `method_call`11/28/2016 05:31 PM
12982CommonRubyFeatureFeedbackruby 2.3.1 got crash on macos11/27/2016 11:03 AM
12981Ruby trunkBugOpenDate.parse raises an Argument error under a specific condition11/26/2016 01:35 PM
12979Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAvoid exception for #dup on Integer (and similar cases)Nobuyoshi Nakada11/29/2016 08:59 PM
12976Ruby trunkMiscOpenUpdate example of Hash#value? and Hash#has_value?11/24/2016 05:02 PM
12975Ruby trunkBugOpenEdit documentation for IO#print functionEric Hodel11/24/2016 10:19 AM
12973Ruby trunkFeatureOpen[RFC] net/http: use require_relative to reduce syscalls11/27/2016 10:23 PM
12971Ruby trunkFeatureOpen(Refactoring) Remove `defined?` checks from observer.rb11/22/2016 11:01 PM
12970Ruby trunkBugOpen== Equality of recursive sets fails11/25/2016 10:05 PM
12969Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAllow optional parameter in String#strip and related11/22/2016 11:39 AM
12968Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAllow default value via block for Integer(), Float() and Rational()11/24/2016 02:09 PM
12967Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd a default for RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_MAX_SLOTS out-of-the-boxKoichi Sasada11/22/2016 06:08 AM
12966Ruby trunkFeatureAssignednet/ftp to include fxp support?Shugo Maeda11/24/2016 12:38 AM
12964Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackAdd sub? and gsub? method to string class.11/22/2016 10:13 AM
12963Ruby trunkFeatureFeedback?string longer than one charYukihiro Matsumoto11/25/2016 05:54 AM
12962Ruby trunkFeatureOpenFeature Proposal: Extend 'protected' to support module friendship11/19/2016 11:09 PM
12961Ruby trunkBugOpenBad value for range using infinity for Date or Time11/19/2016 12:20 PM
12958Ruby trunkBugAssignedBreaking change in how `#round` worksKenta Murata11/30/2016 04:26 AM
12957Ruby trunkFeatureOpenA more OO way to create lambda Procs11/20/2016 01:38 PM
12954Ruby trunkBugFeedbackvalgrind shows memory leaks11/21/2016 08:02 PM
12952Ruby trunkBugAssignedIncompatibility of a method signature between `Float#round` and `BigDecimal#round`Kenta Murata11/21/2016 03:36 PM
12950Ruby trunkBugFeedbackirb: 'input-method.rb:151: [BUG] Segmentation fault' / 'malloc(): smallbin double linked list corrupted'11/27/2016 03:00 PM
12945Ruby trunkBugOpenUse-after-free in vm_trace.c12/06/2016 02:13 PM
12944Ruby trunkFeatureOpenChange Kernel#warn to call Warning.warn11/26/2016 07:47 AM
12941Ruby trunkBugOpenmalloc: *** error for object 0x7fb4a88d2320: pointer being freed was not allocated11/15/2016 10:19 AM
12937Ruby trunkMiscOpen[PATCH] webrick/server: simplify Daemon.start11/14/2016 09:00 PM
12935Ruby trunkMiscOpenWebrick: Update HTTP Status codes, share them11/16/2016 08:41 AM
12933Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd Some and Optional11/14/2016 06:19 AM
12932Ruby trunkBugOpen[BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x0000000000007811/14/2016 06:16 AM
12931Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd support for Binding#instance_eval11/15/2016 05:55 AM
12929Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedternary should look ahead w/in a block (and not care about newlines)Yukihiro Matsumoto11/15/2016 06:16 AM
12928Ruby trunkFeatureOpenUse socket conect_timeout in net stdlib for open_timeout11/16/2016 04:54 PM
12926Ruby trunkFeatureOpen-l flag for line end processing should use chomp! instead of chop! 11/23/2016 01:14 AM
12921Ruby trunkBugOpenRetrieve user and password for proxy from env12/01/2016 02:12 PM
12919Ruby trunkBugOpenNet::FTP does not have a default open_timeout11/17/2016 02:12 AM
12913Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackA way to configure the default maximum width of ppAkira Tanaka11/11/2016 03:31 AM
12912Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAn endless range `(1..)`11/13/2016 09:02 AM
12911Ruby trunkMiscAssignedTranslate docsSho Hashimoto11/08/2016 04:04 PM
12907Ruby trunkBugOpenrb_respond_to() return value is incorrect11/07/2016 04:24 AM
12906Ruby trunkFeatureAssigneddo/end blocks work with ensure/rescue/elseYukihiro Matsumoto11/30/2016 03:58 PM
12904Ruby trunkBugFeedbackSeg fault in opensslKazuki Yamaguchi11/05/2016 02:19 PM
12901Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAnonymous functions without scope lookup overhead12/01/2016 03:55 AM
12898Ruby trunkFeatureOpenString#match? method in addition to Regexp#match?11/15/2016 01:47 PM
12891Ruby trunkBugFeedbackarmv7l-linux-eabihf/ [BUG] Illegal instruction at 0xb6659cfc11/03/2016 08:07 AM
12888Ruby trunkBugOpenRequire 'thread' crash on recent 2.2.xUsaku NAKAMURA11/02/2016 03:21 PM
12886Ruby trunkFeatureOpenURI#merge doesn't handle paths correctly11/03/2016 04:20 PM
12884Ruby trunkBugOpenUsing a HashWithIndifferentAccess with a default value in a function with a keyword parameter converts it to a Hash.10/31/2016 02:57 AM
12883Ruby trunkBugFeedbackBus Error at 0x0000010b8075eb10/29/2016 11:51 AM
12882Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd caller/file/line information to internal Kernel#warn calls11/26/2016 04:19 AM
12880Ruby trunkBugFeedbackrails generate but10/29/2016 12:44 AM
12870Ruby trunkBugOpenCrash when querying with activerecord10/25/2016 01:05 PM
12869Ruby trunkFeatureOpenopen-uri's open rejects `BOM' in encoding10/25/2016 05:06 AM
12867CommonRubyFeatureOpenAdd ability to check validity of a URL10/24/2016 12:13 PM
12862Ruby trunkBugOpenRegular Expression Named Group Matching does not work with #{} (Similar? to issue #2778)10/23/2016 11:22 AM
12861Ruby trunkFeatureOpensuper in a block can be either lexically or dynamically scoped depending on how the block is invokedYukihiro Matsumoto10/24/2016 09:44 PM
12858Ruby trunkFeatureOpenSupporting batch-requiring of files in ruby10/23/2016 08:05 AM
12855Ruby trunkBugOpenInconsistent keys identity in compare_by_identity Hash when using literals10/20/2016 05:29 PM
12854Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackProc#curry should return an instance of the class, not Proc10/20/2016 05:45 AM
12852Ruby trunkBugOpenURI.parse can't handle non-ascii URIsakira yamada10/18/2016 11:27 PM
12848Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedCrazy idea: Allow regex definition for methods (Do not take it seriously please)joke10/18/2016 12:17 AM
12844Ruby trunkBugFeedbackUnable to run $rails console10/17/2016 05:41 AM
12843Ruby trunkFeatureOpenProposal to add a new method to class File in order to determine the name of the file without any suffix10/17/2016 08:56 AM
12839Ruby trunkFeatureOpenCSV - Give not nil but empty strings for empty fields10/14/2016 05:45 AM
12838Ruby trunkBugOpenDuplication of UDP packets for DNS responses causing "no address" results for valid hostnames10/14/2016 03:20 PM
12837Ruby trunkBugOpenAdd test for what Forwardable#def_delegator extends object what doesn't mix-in Module class10/13/2016 02:47 PM
12835Ruby trunkMiscOpenRDoc comment of String#casecmp10/13/2016 03:45 PM
12834Ruby trunkBugOpen`prepend` getting prepended even if it already exists in the ancestors chain10/13/2016 03:42 PM
12833Ruby trunkBugOpenincorrect iso8601 parsing of YYYY-MM format10/22/2016 04:02 PM
12830Ruby trunkBugAssignedOpenSSL 1.1.0+ support?Kazuki Yamaguchi10/24/2016 08:51 AM
12821Ruby trunkBugOpenObject converted to Hash unexpectedly under certain method call10/31/2016 03:04 PM
12820Ruby trunkFeatureOpenShorter syntax for assigning a method argument to an instance variable10/08/2016 02:41 AM
12817Ruby trunkFeatureOpenConsider adding method .sample() on class Hash (if this was not yet proposed)10/11/2016 12:57 AM
12813Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedCalling chunk_while, slice_after, slice_before, slice_when with no blockYukihiro Matsumoto12/06/2016 12:58 PM
12812Ruby trunkBugAssignedAdded Coverage#result=Yusuke Endoh10/06/2016 03:30 AM
12809Ruby trunkBugOpenpassing a proc to Kernel#lambda does not create a lambda10/05/2016 03:48 PM
12806Ruby trunkBugAssignedCompiling ruby 2.3.1 on HPUX 11.31 ia64 breaks in segmentation faultMitsuhiro TAKANO10/06/2016 03:27 AM
12802Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd BLAKE2 support to Digest10/29/2016 06:58 PM
12801Ruby trunkBugFeedbackBug while developing a Rails app09/30/2016 01:09 AM
12792Ruby trunkBugAssignedcannot open Nutter09/27/2016 12:53 PM
12790Ruby trunkFeatureOpenBetter inspect for stdlib classes09/30/2016 05:47 AM
12787Ruby trunkBugFeedbackStackoverflow over when alias_method and prepend are used in combination09/27/2016 08:32 AM
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