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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
20035 Ruby master Misc Open Command-line settings move from parser to compiler 12/01/2023 10:49 PM Actions
20034 Ruby master Feature Open [mkmf] Support creating a compilation database for C language tooling 12/02/2023 01:17 PM Actions
20032 Ruby master Misc Assigned Propose @kjtsanaktsidis as a commiter matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 12/01/2023 01:54 AM Actions
20031 Ruby master Bug Open Regexp using greedy quantifier and unions on a big string uses a lot of memory 12/01/2023 12:24 PM Actions
20029 Ruby master Bug Open coroutine/arm64/Context.S does not support PAC/BTI 11/30/2023 01:28 PM Actions
20028 Ruby master Misc Assigned I'd like my commit bit back hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 12/01/2023 01:54 AM Actions
20027 Ruby master Feature Open Add Range Deconstruction 11/28/2023 08:20 PM Actions
20024 Ruby master Feature Open SyntaxError subclasses 11/30/2023 08:50 AM Actions
20022 Ruby master Bug Open GC.verify_compaction_references does not actually move all objects 12/03/2023 06:00 AM Actions
20020 Ruby master Bug Open Segfault running regexp match? 11/24/2023 08:29 AM Actions
20018 Ruby master Feature Open Get the error codes as Socket::EAI_XXX when getaddrinfo and getnameinfo fail 11/23/2023 10:47 AM Actions
20017 Ruby master Bug Open 3.3.0dev `rb_thread_profile_frames` crashes when `RUBY_MN_THREADS=1` ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 11/22/2023 05:55 PM Actions
20016 Ruby master Bug Open 3.3.0dev `rb_postponed_job_register_one` crashes when `RUBY_MN_THREADS=1` ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 11/22/2023 05:52 PM Actions
20013 Ruby master Misc Open Travis CI status 11/24/2023 01:31 PM Actions
20012 Ruby master Bug Open Fix keyword splat passing as regular argument 11/21/2023 06:27 PM Actions
20011 Ruby master Feature Open Reduce implicit array allocations on caller side of method calling 12/01/2023 12:50 AM Actions
20009 Ruby master Bug Open Marshal.load raises exception when load dumped class include non-ASCII 11/21/2023 09:46 AM Actions
20008 Ruby master Bug Open f(**kw, &block) calls block.to_proc before kw.to_hash 11/18/2023 01:34 AM Actions
20005 Ruby master Feature Open Add C API to return symbols of native extensions resolved from features 11/28/2023 07:48 AM Actions
20002 Ruby master Feature Open Print C-level backtrace on uncaught Ruby exceptions 11/12/2023 12:22 PM Actions
20001 Ruby master Bug Open Make Ruby work properly with ASAN enabled 11/27/2023 06:40 AM Actions
19998 Ruby master Feature Open Emit deprecation warnings when the old (non-Typed) Data_XXX API is used 11/13/2023 12:53 PM Actions
19997 Ruby master Misc Open DevMeeting-2023-11-30 11/30/2023 08:18 AM Actions
19996 Ruby master Bug Open `RUBY_MN_THREADS=1` triggers Action Cable unit test failures 11/10/2023 05:45 AM Actions
19995 Ruby master Feature Open Proposal: Signal._trap as analogue to Process._fork 11/09/2023 11:41 PM Actions
19993 Ruby master Feature Open Optionally Free all memory at exit 11/09/2023 07:30 PM Actions
19991 Ruby master Bug Open rb_register_postponed_job async-signal-unsafety causes crash in GC 11/08/2023 03:41 PM Actions
19990 Ruby master Bug Open Could we reconsider the second argument to Kernel#load? 11/07/2023 11:27 AM Actions
19988 Ruby master Feature Open AI for inner code behavior analysis at runtime 11/05/2023 01:52 PM Actions
19986 Ruby master Bug Open Win32: `HOME` is set to just `HOMEDRIVE` if `HOMEPATH` is unset 11/05/2023 03:15 AM Actions
19984 Ruby master Bug Open `make test-bundler-parallel` fails with ` --enable-shared` 11/06/2023 05:43 PM Actions
19983 Ruby master Bug Open Nested `*` seems incorrect 11/06/2023 05:13 AM Actions
19982 Ruby master Feature Open Bump required Visual Studio version to 2015 after 3.3 usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) 11/07/2023 06:36 AM Actions
19981 Ruby master Bug Open bootstraptest/test_ractor.rb: Segmentation fault on arm32 10/30/2023 12:50 PM Actions
19980 Ruby master Misc Open Is the Ruby 3.3 ABI frozen? 11/27/2023 02:12 PM Actions
19979 Ruby master Feature Open Allow methods to declare that they don't accept a block via `&nil` 11/06/2023 02:00 PM Actions
19977 Ruby master Bug Open (nil..nil) === x can raise an exception, differing from Range#cover? 11/09/2023 09:01 AM Actions
19975 Ruby master Bug Open ISeq#to_binary loses hidden local variable indices 10/26/2023 03:35 PM Actions
19974 Ruby master Bug Open OpenSSL::PKCS7 generates SegFault when parsing invalid data 10/26/2023 08:41 PM Actions
19972 Ruby master Feature Assigned Install default/bundled gems into dedicated directories hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 11/24/2023 09:46 PM Actions
19971 Ruby master Misc Open Confusing arity of a Proc with implicit rest parameter 10/24/2023 09:06 PM Actions
19970 Ruby master Bug Open Eval leaks callcache and callinfo objects on arm32 (linux) 10/25/2023 05:36 AM Actions
19931 Ruby master Feature Open to_int is not for implicit conversion? 11/29/2023 03:22 PM Actions
19930 Ruby master Feature Open [Documentation] class Regexp: Character Classes ranges 10/17/2023 04:28 PM Actions
19922 Ruby master Bug Open ObjectSpace.dump_all in multiple threads in parallel causes SEGV 11/13/2023 08:21 AM Actions
19920 Ruby master Bug Open Ruby 3.1 fails to build with --enable-shared on macos-arm64: is an incompatible architecture (have 'arm64', need '') 11/30/2023 01:32 PM Actions
19918 Ruby master Bug Open Should `a[&b]=c` be syntax valid? 10/11/2023 10:39 AM Actions
19917 Ruby master Bug Open Segmentation fault or lost objects when using with moved exceptions 10/15/2023 04:46 PM Actions
19916 Ruby master Bug Open URI#to_s can serialize to a value that doesn't deserialize to the original 11/09/2023 08:46 AM Actions
19915 Ruby master Feature Open accepts user: and password: keyboard arguments, but do not populate #user or #password 10/09/2023 10:48 PM Actions
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