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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
19698 Ruby master Feature Open Need an idiomatic way to define an empty range 05/29/2023 05:06 AM Actions
19697 Ruby master Feature Open Resolv::DNS resolution for international domains fails with "Encoding::CompatibilityError: incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT" 05/28/2023 07:05 AM Actions
19696 Ruby master Bug Open YJIT panicked - branch stubs should never enlarge branches yjit 05/26/2023 08:36 PM Actions
19695 Ruby master Feature Open mkmf: Adding the extra option --with-verbose to enable verbose mode. 05/29/2023 03:01 AM Actions
19694 Ruby master Feature Open Add Regexp#timeout= setter 05/26/2023 03:05 PM Actions
19692 Ruby master Misc Open Net::HTTP Performance Workstream 05/24/2023 08:21 PM Actions
19691 Ruby master Misc Open File.realpath on Windows does not return actual case of the file 05/29/2023 02:56 AM Actions
19690 Ruby master Feature Open Add terminal colorizing gem to stdlib 05/24/2023 05:54 PM Actions
19685 Ruby master Bug Open ruby --helpに --yydebugの情報がない 05/24/2023 01:47 AM Actions
19684 Ruby master Misc Open DevMeeting-2023-06-08 05/22/2023 07:28 AM Actions
19683 Ruby master Bug Open ruby-3.3.0-preview1 does not build with BSD make without --with-baseruby 05/21/2023 03:29 AM Actions
19681 Ruby master Bug Open The final classpath of partially named modules is sometimes inconsistent once permanently named 05/21/2023 10:51 AM Actions
19680 Ruby master Bug Open test_process.rb tests fail sometimes on FreeBSD 05/26/2023 06:50 AM Actions
19679 Ruby master Misc Open Migrate Wiki from to ruby/ruby GitHub repository 05/26/2023 02:55 PM Actions
19642 Ruby master Feature Open Remove vectored read/write from `io.c`. ioquatix (Samuel Williams) 05/20/2023 10:31 AM Actions
19641 Ruby master Feature Open Allow setting OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext in Net::HTTP 05/15/2023 02:47 AM Actions
19636 Ruby master Bug Open String#encode EUC_JIS_2004で"¥"がEncoding::UndefinedConversionErrorになる 05/10/2023 05:16 AM Actions
19634 Ruby master Feature Open Pattern matching dynamic key 05/19/2023 04:23 PM Actions
19633 Ruby master Feature Open Allow passing block to `Kernel#autoload` as alternative to second `filename` argument 05/18/2023 02:39 AM Actions
19632 Ruby master Bug Open Disable external iterator for frozen enumerator 05/14/2023 10:53 AM Actions
19631 Ruby master Bug Open module_eval does not propulate absolute_path for Kernel.caller_locations 05/06/2023 03:08 AM Actions
19630 Ruby master Feature Open [RFC] Deprecate `"|command-here")` due to frequent security issues 05/24/2023 06:52 AM Actions
19628 Ruby master Feature Open Add ARGF.each_file for iterating file/io objects 05/03/2023 02:17 AM Actions
19626 Ruby master Feature Open Alias Base64 methods to non-64 suffixed methods 05/02/2023 08:17 AM Actions
19620 Ruby master Feature Open allow non-module rescue filters that implement the === opertor 04/27/2023 04:44 PM Actions
19618 Test Feature Open hash#dig tests 04/26/2023 06:13 AM Actions
19617 Ruby master Feature Open Add Method#binding and UnboundMethod#binding, similar to Proc#binding 04/28/2023 11:55 AM Actions
19609 Ruby master Bug Open net/http ignores open_timeout, read_timeout on Windows 04/20/2023 01:27 PM Actions
19607 Ruby master Feature Open Introduce `Hash#symbolize_keys`. 04/21/2023 03:39 PM Actions
19604 Ruby master Feature Open XOAUTH2 support in net-pop 04/17/2023 03:28 PM Actions
19600 Ruby master Feature Open Method `clamp?` 04/14/2023 02:40 PM Actions
19598 Ruby master Bug Open Inconsistent behaviour of TracePoint API 04/14/2023 10:42 AM Actions
19588 Ruby master Feature Open Allow Comparable#clamp(min, max) to accept nil as a specification 04/26/2023 01:40 AM Actions
19576 Ruby master Bug Assigned Backport request: Gemfile.lock resolving is broken with bundler shipped with Ruby 3.1.4 hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 04/04/2023 11:47 PM Actions
19572 Ruby master Feature Open Add a new TracePoint event for rescued exceptions 05/15/2023 01:06 PM Actions
19569 Ruby master Bug Open #map on Enumerator::Lazy block arguments seem to differ from regular #map 04/03/2023 01:04 PM Actions
19567 Ruby master Feature Open Add Oxford Comma Support for better readability 04/03/2023 03:14 PM Actions
19562 Ruby master Bug Open Setting default_(in|ex)ternal encoding after running an Ractor freezes ruby 04/04/2023 08:30 PM Actions
19560 Ruby master Feature Open IO#close_on_fork= and IO#close_on_fork? 04/19/2023 08:20 AM Actions
19558 Ruby master Bug Open str.dump.undump crashes when str contains both Unicode and ASCII control characters 03/30/2023 04:21 PM Actions
19557 Ruby master Bug Open Deadlock on STDOUT(ERR) lock on signal handler 03/29/2023 08:27 AM Actions
19555 Ruby master Feature Open Allow passing default options to `Data.define` 04/03/2023 02:05 AM Actions
19554 Ruby master Feature Open Invalid memory access detected by Valgrind when using Fibers 04/03/2023 07:15 PM Actions
19553 Ruby master Feature Open Document thread-safety of OpenSSL related classes such as OpenSSL::PKey::RSA or OpenSSL::Cipher etc 03/28/2023 01:42 PM Actions
19549 Ruby master Bug Open Inconsistency in backref parsing 03/29/2023 09:57 AM Actions
19545 Ruby master Feature Open lp/hp logic parsing inconsistency 04/04/2023 04:37 AM Actions
19544 Ruby master Bug Open Custom quotes inconsistency 03/24/2023 05:14 AM Actions
19542 Ruby master Bug Open Operations on zero-sized IO::Buffer are raising 03/20/2023 06:29 AM Actions
19541 Ruby master Feature Assigned Proposal: Generate frame unwinding info for YJIT code yjit 05/22/2023 02:45 PM Actions
19537 Ruby master Bug Open Regexp caching algorithm since v3.2.0 causes invalid memory access make_now_just (Hiroya Fujinami) 03/23/2023 02:31 AM Actions
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