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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
6413Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedMake Dir.entries default to Dir.entries(Dir.pwd)Yukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 10:42 PM
6408Ruby trunkBugAssignedDelegateClass#eql? and <=> don't work as expectedAaron Patterson05/20/2012 05:29 AM
6407Ruby trunkBugAssignedMost Test Failure for BigDecimal on 64bit Windows, any GCC parameter needed?Nobuyoshi Nakada02/26/2013 10:19 AM
6400Ruby trunkBugAssigneddl/callback with fiddle occurs SEGV on NetBSD amd64Aaron Patterson08/15/2013 05:06 AM
6399Ruby ignores valid open_args on WindowsUsaku NAKAMURA10/31/2012 03:32 PM
6394Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedSupport SO_ORIGINAL_DST socket optionAkira Tanaka11/20/2012 10:41 PM
6391Ruby trunkBugAssignedSegment Fault while execute make_encmake.rb for Ruby 1.9.3 P194 ( MinGW64)Nobuyoshi Nakada01/26/2013 06:55 AM
6376Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedFeature lookup and checking if feature is loadedYukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 09:09 PM
6369Ruby trunkBugAssignedGServer blocking after shutdown calledJames Gray04/28/2012 05:05 AM
6367Ruby trunkFeatureFeedback#same? for EnumerableYukihiro Matsumoto04/26/2013 02:08 PM
6362Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedModular exponentiation/inverseYukihiro Matsumoto02/05/2013 04:23 AM
6360Ruby trunkBugAssignedDebug information build even without requesting itNobuyoshi Nakada01/30/2014 06:16 AM
6354Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedRemove escape (break/return/redo/next support) from class/module scopeYukihiro Matsumoto10/27/2012 10:12 AM
6351Ruby trunkBugAssignedtranscode table generator does not support multi characters of UnicodeMartin Dürst02/18/2013 09:36 PM
6342Ruby trunkBugAssignedrubydb(debugger interface on emacs) doesnt work with multi filesNobuyoshi Nakada04/23/2012 10:31 PM
6337Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedFileUtils#syncYukihiro Matsumoto11/24/2012 02:15 PM
6332Ruby trunkBugAssignedError compiling readline due username_completion_function being undeclared (GCC 4.6)Kouji Takao02/18/2013 09:34 PM
6317Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedRange#cover?の引数としてRangeインスタンスを受けられるようにして欲しいYukihiro Matsumoto10/28/2012 12:10 AM
6315Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackhandler to trace output of each line of code executed11/20/2012 10:35 PM
6312Ruby trunkBugAssignedPsych needlessly noisy parsing string node starting with number-ish stringAaron Patterson09/05/2013 07:13 AM
6309Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedAdd a reference queue for weak referencesYukihiro Matsumoto12/30/2013 01:07 AM
6308CommonRubyFeatureAssignedEliminate delegation from WeakRefYukihiro Matsumoto11/01/2013 04:28 AM
6299Ruby trunkMiscOpenAdding PATCH to Net::HTTP01/12/2015 09:02 AM
6293Ruby trunkFeatureAssignednew queue / blocking queuesYukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 10:36 PM
6286Ruby trunkBugAssignedAdd Exception#format methodYukihiro Matsumoto10/27/2012 07:06 PM
6284Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackAdd composition for procsYukihiro Matsumoto12/30/2015 12:28 PM
6283Ruby trunkBugAssignedSegmentation fault pg_ext.bundlesorah Shota Fukumori02/18/2013 09:32 PM
6277Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedHash#convert_keyYukihiro Matsumoto10/25/2012 05:35 PM
6275Ruby trunkBugAssignedsymbol not found: _environ on Mac OS Xsorah Shota Fukumori02/18/2013 09:31 PM
6265Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedRemove 'useless' 'concatenation' syntaxYui NARUSE08/05/2014 05:38 PM
6263Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackSimple access to toplevel object (main)10/25/2012 09:32 PM
6258Ruby trunkBugFeedbackString#succ has suprising behavior for "\u1036" (MYANMAR SIGN ANUSVARA), producing "\u1000" instead of "\u1037"Martin Dürst09/18/2015 09:18 AM
6256Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedSlightly improve ruby_qsort performanceMartin Bosslet11/22/2012 04:30 PM
6252Ruby trunkBugAssignedOpenSSL - ECDSA signature reliabilityopenssl09/13/2015 03:17 AM
6251Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackMagic comments for compile optionsYukihiro Matsumoto08/21/2015 11:47 PM
6240Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedEnumerable#drop with negative argumentYukihiro Matsumoto10/25/2012 05:48 PM
6234Ruby trunkBugAssignedIncomplete code in ossl_pkey_ec.copenssl09/13/2015 03:16 AM
6233Ruby trunkBugAssignedDefinition of EVP_MD_CTX_cleanup incomplete. openssl09/13/2015 03:18 AM
6227Ruby trunkBugAssigned[mingw] openssl backport causing test erroropenssl09/13/2015 03:18 AM
6219Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackReturn value of Hash#storeYukihiro Matsumoto04/26/2012 09:20 AM
6215Ruby trunkBugAssignedprint "#{RUBY_PATCHLEVEL.slice(2,3)}\n" results in crashsorah Shota Fukumori02/26/2013 10:19 AM
6210Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedload should provide a way to specify the top-level moduleYukihiro Matsumoto10/27/2012 06:50 AM
6198Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedpublic/protected/private with attr_*Yukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 10:19 PM
6183Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedEnumerator::Lazy performance issueNobuyoshi Nakada07/01/2013 09:18 PM
6181Ruby trunkBugAssignedRuby crash when trying to send a mail (tls/gmail)openssl09/13/2015 03:19 AM
6168Ruby trunkBugAssignedSegfault in OpenSSL bindingsopenssl09/13/2015 03:19 AM
6141Ruby trunkBugFeedbackrails-3.2.2+1.9.3p125 の環境で SEGV が発生Hiroshi Nakamura02/26/2013 10:19 AM
6133Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedSSLSocketをshutdownできないopenssl09/13/2015 03:22 AM
6129Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedString#each_lineにおけるmemmem()の利用Nobuyoshi Nakada11/20/2012 10:20 PM
6124Ruby trunkBugAssignedremove the "spec-only gems" in Ruby 1.9.3 (was What is the purpose of "fake" gems in Ruby)Hiroshi Nakamura11/22/2012 04:30 PM
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