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4052Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedFile.lutime PatchYukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 10:39 PM
4046Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackSaving C's **argv and cwd allows Ruby programs to reliably restart themselves10/27/2012 05:52 AM
4040Ruby trunkBugAssignedSystemStackError with Hash[*a] for Large _a_Koichi Sasada11/26/2012 09:10 AM
4017Ruby trunkFeatureAssigned[PATCH] CSV parsing speedupJames Gray11/09/2012 06:00 PM
4012Ruby trunkBugFeedbackGet segmentation fault when trying to call method from 3rd party's APIMasaki Suketa02/26/2013 10:19 AM
4008Ruby trunkBugFeedbackRails 3::declarative_authorization::authorization_rules request => segvault ruby 1.9.2Koichi Sasada03/17/2014 07:42 AM
4007Ruby trunkFeatureAssignednumeric literal syntax sugarYukihiro Matsumoto10/25/2012 05:45 PM
3953Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedTCPSocket / UDPSocket do not accept IPAddr objects.Akinori MUSHA11/20/2012 09:23 PM
3944Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackAdd Fiber#root? methodKoichi Sasada06/10/2014 03:11 AM
3916Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedAdd flag to ruby to make warnings fatal.Yukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 09:31 PM
3880Ruby trunkBugFeedbackRuby 1.9.1 - crash in timeout.rbUsaku NAKAMURA02/26/2013 10:19 AM
3867Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackBus Error when running drb/ssl regression tests on loongson/OpenBSD10/30/2012 11:06 PM
3848Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedUsing http basic authentication for FTP with Open URIAkira Tanaka11/09/2012 06:00 PM
3841Ruby trunkBugAssignedRubyVM::InstructionSequence.to_a() and disasm() do not work properly for "for <var> in <list>"Koichi Sasada11/26/2012 09:09 AM
3817Ruby trunkBugAssignedcurrent ruby-openssl impl wrongly utilizes CRYPTO_EX_DATA in X509_STOREHiroshi Nakamura11/29/2012 09:53 PM
3809Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedallow multiple set_trace_func() callsYukihiro Matsumoto11/09/2012 09:09 PM
3784Ruby trunkBugFeedbackSeg fault in from webrickHiroshi Nakamura05/27/2014 03:23 AM
3731Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedEasier Embedding API for RubyKoichi Sasada11/24/2012 09:39 AM
3719Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedopen-uri should allow redirects from http to httpsAkira Tanaka04/05/2015 10:56 AM
3714Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAdd getters for EnumeratorAkinori MUSHA01/15/2013 11:13 AM
3711Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackIPAddr must not make DNS lookups via IPSocket.getaddressAkinori MUSHA11/20/2012 09:20 PM
3653Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedDiferential behaviour of positives and negatives ranges as subindex of string or arrays.Yukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 08:53 PM
3648Ruby trunkBugAssignedBignum Incomparable with Float::INFINITY01/30/2014 06:16 AM
3647Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackArray#sample(n, replace=false)Kenta Murata10/25/2012 06:03 PM
3618Ruby trunkBugAssignedinf-ruby prompt and tab completionNobuyoshi Nakada02/26/2013 10:19 AM
3608Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedEnhancing Pathname#each_child to be lazyAkira Tanaka11/20/2012 09:25 PM
3594Ruby trunkBugAssignedURI class doesn't do file URL's properly.akira yamada12/10/2012 09:58 AM
3591Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedAdding Numeric#divisor? (Have working implementation)Yukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 11:12 PM
3511Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackrb_path_to_class should call custom const_defined? methods11/20/2012 09:14 PM
3450Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedFormat Strings with Named Arguments & Hash#defaultNobuyoshi Nakada11/21/2012 11:50 PM
3447Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedargument delegationYukihiro Matsumoto02/14/2014 10:10 AM
3434Ruby trunkBugAssignedSpecs for coercion?Marc-Andre Lafortune04/18/2013 05:59 AM
3388Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackregexp support for start_with? and end_with?Yui NARUSE11/24/2012 10:10 AM
3356Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackAdd GetShortPathName to rubyUsaku NAKAMURA11/21/2012 04:59 PM
3337Ruby trunkBugAssignedMS-DOS device names are identified as readable_realUsaku NAKAMURA10/31/2012 04:28 PM
3333Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedmkmf (have|find)_cxx_headerNobuyoshi Nakada01/27/2014 10:35 PM
3328Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedKernel#p outputs as default_internal encoding, and so onMasaya Tarui10/25/2012 09:48 PM
3300Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackonig_number_of_captures に相当するメソッド Regexp#ncaptureYui NARUSE11/20/2012 09:14 PM
3289Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedDivision of negative numbersYukihiro Matsumoto04/26/2013 07:26 PM
3270Ruby trunkBugAssignedBigMath.exp が絶対値が大きな引数で遅いKenta Murata02/17/2013 03:40 PM
3269Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedBigMath.tan がないKenta Murata10/25/2012 05:46 PM
3219Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedassert now passes non-boolean resultShota Fukumori02/14/2014 10:12 AM
3187Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackAllow dynamic Fiber stack sizeKoichi Sasada01/12/2015 06:23 PM
3163Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedSyntaxError when using variable which is also a method in current scope with a Symbol argumentYukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 09:20 PM
3128Ruby trunkBugAssignedRandomness specsYukihiro Matsumoto04/18/2013 05:59 AM
3072Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedClasses Inheriting from DataYukihiro Matsumoto11/20/2012 08:50 PM
3001Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackRuby stdlib: Benchmark::Tms #memberwise drops labels10/27/2012 05:34 AM
2968Ruby trunkFeatureAssigned数値の正負を返すメソッドKenta Murata10/28/2012 12:08 AM
2756Ruby trunkBugAssignedIssues with Math and Complex behavior on 1.9Kenta Murata02/17/2013 03:42 PM
2740Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedExtend const_missing to pass in the nestingYukihiro Matsumoto10/27/2012 12:03 PM

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