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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
8952Ruby trunkBugFeedback[DOC] required keyword argumentszzak (Zachary Scott)01/30/2014 06:17 AM
8951Ruby trunkFeatureOpenPlease add a hash-to-hash alternative of the map method to Hash06/16/2014 03:28 PM
8948Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedFrozen regexmatz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)09/06/2017 09:31 AM
8947CommonRubyFeatureOpenmake alias, alias_method, attr_* return name of the alias09/24/2013 09:34 PM
8946Ruby trunkBugOpenSegmentation fault while NoMemoryError expected05/06/2016 11:51 PM
8935Ruby with block truncates output to 20 corrupted bytes09/23/2013 07:05 PM
8932Ruby trunkBugFeedbackruby-2.0.0-p247/gems/rubyzip-0.9.9/lib/zip/inflater.rb:42: [BUG] Segmentation fault01/30/2014 06:17 AM
8925Ruby trunkBugFeedbackTraversing a tree of files/catalogues produces a segmentation fault in find.rb12/02/2013 10:31 AM
8922Ruby trunkBugOpenCrash when calling Coverage.result09/19/2013 04:38 AM
8921Ruby trunkFeatureOpenAllow select, reject, etc to accept a regex03/03/2016 04:38 AM
8917Ruby trunkBugFeedbackSegmentation fault in st.c:341 via array.c:277809/17/2013 02:18 PM
8912Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackException.raise09/16/2013 06:23 AM
8905Ruby trunkMiscOpenAdd documentation to semantics of method default argumentszzak (Zachary Scott)09/27/2013 12:39 AM
8896CommonRubyFeatureOpen#tap with missing block09/12/2013 01:59 AM
8895Ruby trunkFeatureOpenDestructuring Assignment for Hash08/09/2016 05:42 PM
8874Ruby variable.c segmentation faults in production with rails (ruby-2.0.0-p247)11/27/2013 12:13 PM
8870Ruby trunkBugOpenMethod-Missing breaking irb09/21/2013 08:07 AM
8868Ruby trunkBugFeedbackError installing 1.9.3p448 on AIX 7.112/06/2013 12:03 PM
8863Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackNew error class: UndefinedBehaviorError01/11/2014 11:09 AM
8862Ruby trunkFeatureOpengetoptlong to accept user-provided commandline09/04/2013 09:53 PM
8855Ruby trunkBugAssigned{Single}Forwardable#def_delegators が、Stringでメソッド名を渡された時だけ __id__ と __send__ が取り除かれるkeiju (Keiju Ishitsuka)09/03/2013 06:53 PM
8853Ruby trunkBugOpenShould String#sub(pattern) returns an Enumerator?09/03/2013 10:08 AM
8852Ruby trunkBugFeedbackSynology build of ruby-2.0.0-p247 is failing09/09/2013 02:22 PM
8850Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedConvert Rational to decimal stringmatz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)02/17/2014 10:46 PM
8848CommonRubyFeatureOpenSyntax for binary strings10/28/2014 08:33 AM
8842Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedInteger#[] with rangemame (Yusuke Endoh)01/30/2014 06:17 AM
8841Ruby trunkBugOpenModule#included_modules and prepended modulesmatz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)08/31/2013 08:17 AM
8840Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackYielder#statematz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)05/11/2014 08:55 AM
8839Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedClass and module should return the class or module that was openedmatz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)12/28/2015 08:36 AM
8836Ruby trunkBugOpen[BUG] Bus Error with bundler on large Gemfile when resolving dependencies11/09/2013 07:58 AM
8834Ruby trunkFeatureOpenKernel#load_relative08/30/2013 01:53 PM
8833Ruby trunkFeatureAssigned[PATCH] IPAddr#predknu (Akinori MUSHA)09/03/2013 01:35 PM
8827Ruby trunkFeatureOpenA method that flips the receiver and the first argument08/29/2013 05:59 AM
8826Ruby trunkBugAssignedBigDecimal#div and #quo different behavior and inconsistenciesmrkn (Kenta Murata)12/20/2016 03:26 AM
8811Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackCounterpart to `Hash#key?` for `Array`09/04/2013 02:12 AM
8810Ruby trunkBugOpenGDBM.open内で処理がブロックしたらTimeout.timeout が効かない08/24/2013 08:29 AM
8807Ruby trunkFeatureOpenCustom literals10/01/2013 05:10 PM
8804Ruby trunkFeatureOpenONCE syntaxmatz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)08/31/2013 04:44 PM
8797Ruby trunkBugFeedbackIntermittent Segfault on 2.0.0-p247 when running 'bundle install'12/02/2013 01:57 PM
8794Ruby trunkBugFeedbackRuby on Rails11/29/2013 07:44 PM
8790Ruby trunkBugFeedbackr41424 以降、Solaris と gdbm 1.1.10 にて TestGDBM#test_s_open_lock が終わらないnobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)08/12/2014 04:08 AM
8789Ruby trunkBugAssignedFile.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)) return wrong encoded result cruby-windows01/30/2014 06:17 AM
8788Ruby trunkFeatureFeedbackuse eventfd on newer Linux instead of pipe for timer thread07/08/2014 10:38 PM
8786Ruby trunkFeatureOpenProcess.clock_gettime(:realtime)08/15/2013 10:33 PM
8784Ruby trunkBugAssignedCSV - Empty fields are discarded when col_sep is a spaceJEG2 (James Gray)03/10/2017 03:12 PM
8782Ruby trunkBugAssignedDon't set rl_getc_function on editlinekouji (Kouji Takao)01/30/2014 06:17 AM
8781Ruby trunkFeatureOpenUse require_relative() instead of require() if possible08/24/2017 07:40 AM
8780Ruby trunkFeatureAssignedDBM#to_h alias for #to_hashmatz (Yukihiro Matsumoto)01/30/2014 06:17 AM
8774Ruby trunkBugOpenrb_file_dirname return wrong encoding string when dir is "."01/30/2014 04:18 AM
8772Ruby trunkFeatureOpenHash alias #| merge, and the case for Hash and Array polymorphism10/15/2013 01:30 PM
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