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DevelopersMeeting before/after RubyKaigi2019

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RubyKaigi 2019 will be at Fukuoka, Apr 18th to 20th 2019. It should be good time to gather Ruby interpreter developers.
I keep the meeting space at Fukuoka city, near to the Hakata station (the central station in Fukuoka) before and after RubyKaigi.

  • Date:
    • 2019/04/17 (Wed), before RubyKaigi2019
    • 2019/04/21 (Sun), after RubyKaigi2019
  • Location
    • Fukuoka Ruby Content Industry Promotion Center, Fukuoka Higashi Sougouchousha 5th floor, 1 Chome-17-1 Hakataekihigashi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka
    • 福岡県Ruby・コンテンツ産業振興センター (in Japanese) (Japanese page)

There are two days but Matz can only attend Wednesday.

Maybe on Wednesday we can have a meeting with agenda, for example about Ruby 3.

I'm not sure we need Sunday meetup, but I keep a room for people who want to continue development.
If nobody attend Sunday meetup, I'll cancel room reservation.

I hope we can discuss topics on Wed and continue to discuss RubyKaigi days, and make a progress on Sunday.

Travel support

Same as last RubyKaigi, Cookpad Inc. will support travel fee (except hotel room fee) so please consider to attend this dev-meeting.
Also please invite people who are not a MRI committer but who are important person to talk with us.
I'll announce about this travel support soon.


Call for Topics

  • Please comment discussion topics on Wed meeting.
  • We have limited time to discuss, so that I'll ask Matz which topics we should talk with, and make time schedule in advance if there are many topics.
  • Meeting room has a projector so you can bring your slides.
  • Maybe attendee's topics will be prioritize.


Anyway, please keep your schedule.
FYI: Fukuoka city does not have enough hotel rooms so I recommend you to keep your rooms as soon as possible.




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